2013 Reader's Choice Award BEST COMPUTER STORE by the readers of the Selma Enterprise and Kingsburg Recorder.

Website Design: Utilizing several online CMS programs and mainly performing Front-end procedures, we can help you build a functional and attractive website and show you how to continue to customize and edit your new page as your needs change.

Computer Repair: Replacement parts such as a new optical drive, new power supply or even replacing the power jack or fixing a broken screen on a laptop. If something is broken, we can fix it! If it is something that can't be repaired we will work with you to discover the best way to approach the problem.

Education: Whenever updating to something new, be it a new operating system or even just learning a new program there is a learning curve. If you are struggling to get through it, give us a call! We have technicians available to sit with you and guide you till you have complete confidence in your skills. Computer lessons average $25 an hour.

Custom Built Desktops: If you need a new computer, we can custom-build one for your home or office, with the parts that you need to make your life easier. We use non-proprietary hardware so if anything should go wrong with your computer it will be easily fixed by anyone. That doesn't mean they are made from poor quality parts though, we use name brands. We can usually have a complete system built within three (3) business days of your order and payment. Prices start at $450 for the computer itself; Monitors start at $125 (depending on size).

Data Recovery: Stuff happens, and sometimes that stuff leads to a dead computer or one that needs replacing.  But what about your family photos and important documents? Provided the hard drive hasn't failed, we can easily pull them out and place them on an external storage device for your safekeeping or if you have a new computer (or build one with us!) we can load it directly onto the new computer so everything is as you left it. For the 'life or death' situations that require extremely important data recovery, we also work with DriveSavers to restore your data.


$50 an hour in-store

$100 an hour on-site, with one hour minimum.

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Computer Repair in Hanford, Selma and the Surrounding Areas.

Upgrades: Extend the functional life of your computer by upgrading instead of purchasing a new computer. Upgrades can make your system faster, more efficient, hold more data, improves graphics and updating the operating system.

Virus Removal: The internet can be a dangerous place full of malware, viruses, spyware, adware, root kits and more. They can do things as simple as slowing down your computer or be as malicious as to steal your banking account information or credit card numbers. When your computer seems to be acting a little odd, we do a general cleanup with includes running six different programs to catch any nasty things hiding in there and we also go through and uninstall anything clogging up your machine or causing it to slow down.

South Valley Computers